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Energy Management Capabilities

Here is a partial list of Pogens™ energy management services:

Market Enablement: We facilitate the registration and interconnection of our customers’ assets into the power market.

Market Scheduling: We provide a complete array of capabilities to meticulously schedule customers’ resources into the appropriate markets so that customers receive the maximum value with the minimum risk.

Energy Market Monitoring and Notification: 24/7 energy management and monitoring of individual asset information as well as real time market pricing, including automatic notifications about market based events and emergency occurrences.  Our goal is to keep our customers informed of energy events in advance of the news.

Energy Management and Controls: Control and dispatch capabilities for all customer assets 24/7.  We manage our customers’ assets allowing them to maximize profitability while reducing physical and financial risks.  Using the best on-site technology, our solution analyzes real-time operational information across the assets in a portfolio.  Our solution maintains strict data integrity and security using the most stringent industry connectivity standards.

Market Settlements: We oversee settlements for energy monetization into the qualified market programs so that our customers simply receive a check in the mail.

Operational Services: Our reporting and analytics solution captures and stores data every four seconds, creating a powerful energy reconciliation tool.  This solution analyzes electrical power grid activity in real-time, historically, and looking forward.  Continuous asset management and oversight, ancillary services management, data access and dynamic scheduling are some of the many tools that give us complete control of asset operation and settlement activities.