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About Us

Our Company

Power Generation Services, Inc. (PoGens™) works closely with our customers to develop  an overall Distributed Energy Resource strategy for their commercial generation assets. We have established an ecosystem of revenue creation services that centers on aggregating and registering commercial emergency backup generators for revenue programs in deregulated energy markets around the country.  These generation assets range from 25 kilowatts to 1 megawatt in size and are used by our customers to increase the reliability of their site operations.  For many businesses, generators are mandated by regulatory agencies. We offer a variety of solutions for turning these stand by assets into a new stream of revenue.  Combining technology and energy management services with permitting and regulatory compliance services, we provide multi-pronged solutions within a broad portfolio of intellectual property.

Our Team

Power Generation Services is headquartered in Raleigh, NC and is operated by a senior team of energy and technology professionals.

Our Values

Our mission is to leverage our national energy software and generation platform to contribute to the transition toward cleaner energy and peak demand management while enhancing profitability for our customers.