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PoGens Registers in PJM and ERCOT

Posted at November 26, 2013 | By : | Categories : Blog | Comments Off on PoGens Registers in PJM and ERCOT

In anticipation of growing demand for its solution in the increasingly transactive environment of the national grid, Power Generation Services has become a registered stakeholder and a registered energy and capacity supplier in the PJM RTO and in the ERCOT ISO. This registration connects PoGens clients on the East Coast, in Texas, and in parts of the Midwest with the energy and capacity markets in those areas.

When combined with PoGens’ asset aggregation technology, this regulatory connection increases grid reliability in PJM and ERCOT by allowing smaller generators and consumers of energy to participate in wholesale load balancing. This bridge from asset owners to transmission organizations also pays PoGens clients based on the real market value of their generation capacity. Owners of generation assets traditionally considered too small to participate in wholesale markets can now reap the benefits of those markets, both getting repaid for and profiting from investment in standby generation assets. Power Generation Services is eager to begin serving clients in these exciting new markets.