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  • Energy Management Services

    Energy Management Services

    The core of our offering is turn-key energy management services.  Our asset management solutions provide guaranteed reliability while introducing our customers to a new stream of revenue.

  • Power Market Participation

    Power Market Participation

    We enable qualified market scheduling and settlements.

  • Proprietary Technology

    Proprietary Technology

    Our offerings are built upon a suite of software and hardware solutions backed by a portfolio of Intellectual Property.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Analytics and Reporting

    Based on real time market data and asset monitoring to show our customers exactly how their assets are preforming

  • Compliance


    We stay up to date on all federal and local regulatory statutes to ensure complete compliance.

  • Services

    We offer a variety of customizable solutions.

  • Technology

    A suite of software and hardware solutions ensures asset reliability while increasing economic value.

  • Compliance

    We manage all compliance practices and provide advanced analytics and reporting.

  • Intellectual Property

    Our solutions are backed by a solid IP portfolio.

Power Generation Services, Inc.

Power Generation Services, Inc. (PoGens™) is a turnkey provider of managed energy services for Distributed Generation and Distributed Energy Resources to commercial customers in North America. PoGens™ provides a complete energy management infrastructure that includes installation, monitoring, control, compliance and dispatch of our customers’ emergency generation assets into deregulated power markets. In an increasingly complex and ever changing energy environment, our mission is to leverage our national energy services platform to assist customers in the transition toward cleaner energy, while enhancing profitability of generation assets.